How to create a responsive mobile menu for Omega subtheme

Responsive mobile Menu Demo image
Its been over a year now since I started using responsive web design exclusively on all new websites and Omega Framework has been my base theme of choice. Its truly awesome but Omega, like most popular Drupal base themes doesn't come with drop down or responsive menu out of the box. Some may view this as a shortfall but, I prefer to start with as little base code as possible. In this tutorial I will explain how you can easily create a hard coded responsive drop down menu for Omega subthemes that will turn into a toggle menu on small screens, similar to that one on Facebook mobile. You can see this menu in action if you check out our own main menu above.

Cheap SEO - The Rude Awakening

Brisbane prime location ad screenshot

It is likely that you landed on this page after you searched for "Cheap SEO". Well, congratulations! And I am sorry for your disappointment because You just landed on a page that will tell you exactly how much its worth. Word of caution before you read on: I am not choosing my words. You probably won't like it and may even be offended but, guess what: so am I when people try and cheap out on my rates, and I am just telling you exactly how it is, no offense intended.

Responsive Web Design - The missing SEO Tip for 2013

Evolution of Mobile consumer infographic

Reading through a number of articles with titles like, "Top 10 SEO tips in 2013" I found most experts are repeating themselves and missing one critical search engine optimisation factor in 2013 - Mobile friendly web design! Considering both Google and Bing have confirmed they will rank mobile friendly sites higher - in mobile search, and a whooping 25% of all searches in 2012 were made from mobile devices, thats a pretty serious oversight.But, there is more to it than just mobile search results.

Cross Device Testing Tools for Responsive Web Design

iOS Simulator, image source Apple

If you're creating a mobile or responsive web design you'll need some new testing tools to see how your website will look on mobile devices. Fortunately there are some very good FREE mobile device emulators that will let you test your design in various devices and screen sizes. In fact there is about 40% chance you already have one mobile device simulator but, you just haven't discovered it yet.

Planning Your Website

"He who fails to plan plans to fail" Winston Churchill. Before you start planing your website it is very important that you identify your business goals in the next 24 months. Once you are clear about your business objectives then you can start looking into how your website can help you achieve them. Many businesses don't have clearly defined goals but its likely there is a pretty good idea about where your business is heading over the next couple of years. It is very important that you convert those general ideas into clear objectives because they will have a major impact on your website plan and structure. Here is a few things to consider...